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Rabbinical Recommendations and Testimonials

"..I know Rabbi Askotzky to be conscientious, reliable and scrupulously ethical…"
Rabbi Rashi Simon
London, England

"..Rabbi Askotzky is a ben Torah and a G-d fearing Jew and an expert in STaM...he is careful to ask all questions to expert halachic authorities...he responsibly guides each customer and his prices are reasonable, you can rely on him in all matters"

I've had the pleasure to know the Askotzky family for a number of years. They are a warm, caring, charitable and well respected family. I know that these distinguished qualities are also an intrinsic part of their son, Rabbi Yerachmiel.
His program, S.T.A.M., is most worthy and invaluable. I am certain that with Reb Yerachmiel at the helm it will honorably and conscientiously serve the Jewish community."
Rabbi Yisrael Ettinger
Neveh Yerushalayim

I received details of the program called STAM under the direction of one of our former students, Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky. I also saw a number of letters of recommendation he received from some of my close students who are his teachers and friends. They praise him as G-d fearing and an expert in the holy endeavors of safrus.
May his program be a great merit and tikkun, for the public, both through his educational programs and through providing tefillin and mezuzahs with high standards at affordable prices even to places where high quality STaM was not easily available before.
I strongly suggest that you consider what STAM offers and I bless him and those who support him with much blessing and success."
(Rav)Alter Chanoch Henoch Hacohen Leibowitz

"Rabbi Askotzky has submitted for my review and approbation a proposal which would provide for communities, institutions and individuals accessibility to a full spectrum of Torahs, tefillin and mezuzahs with the most ideal levels of reliability...
I can personally testify that he has achieved singular expertise in the scribal traditions and that he personifies the highest level of piety as his calling demands.
I wish him well in this endeavor and pray that this effort meets with great success."
Rabbi Michel Twerski

"I am proud to recommend Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky whom I have known for over 10 years. He is steeped in the halachos and familiar with the practical issues of STaM and is particular in his fulfillment of mitzvahs.
I want to emphasize that he is very careful not to rely on his own knowledge and understanding, rather he seeks out the truth and humbles himself before 'daas Torah' in a most unique manner for our generation. He takes counsel with me both in matters pertaining to practical halachah and practical aspects of STaM and accepts my opinion even if it is not to his advantage.
Therefore I suggest that you take advantage of his reliable services and high quality Torahs, tefillin and mezuzahs."
(Rav) Mordechai Friedlander

I have personally known Rabbi Askotzky for over 20 years. He is an exemplary Torah Jew and truly G-d fearing. He is also an experienced sofer with impeccable credentials.
I was delighted to learn that he is embarking on a project to promote greater awareness and higher standards in safrus.
I urge anyone in a position to do so, to help further his efforts in this most important project."
Rabbi Baruch Lederman

"I'm writing this letter to express my personal recognition and trust in Rabbi Askotzky, who I've know for over 20 years….he can be wholly relied upon both from the standpoint of STaM knowledge and fear of G-d and in providing the quality service presented herein. I am hopeful you will avail yourself of this unique service and aid him in his efforts to upgrade the level of fulfillment of the mitzvah of Torah, tefillin and mezuzah."
Rabbi M. Dov Harris

"...Rabbi Askotzky is G-d fearing, very particular in fulfillment of halachah, wholly reliable and a person of truth…"
Rav Avraham Kanarek

"We are pleased to recommend the services of Rabbi Askotzky. Many of the students and staff have utilized his services and have been completely satisfied. He has proven to be thorough, reliable, honest and accommodating. He has gone beyond the letter of the law in servicing the yeshiva. We are most comfortable recommending his services to you knowing that you will receive the same reasonable and quality service as we have."
Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Blumenfeld
Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Shwab

"..I have always found Rabbi Askotzky to be reliable and trustworthy...his prices are fair and he has always been extremely accommodating "
Rabbi Avrohom Alter

"I am delighted to recommend the services of Rabbi Askotzky. I know him to be a Torah Jew and G-d fearing. He is trustworthy and well respected.
I therefore suggest that you give his innovative program, STAM. your serious consideration. I'm certain once you have read about it and its many advantages you will be favorably inclined towards his services.
I wish him and those who support him much success and bracha in all spiritual and material endeavors."
Rabbi Hillel Mandel

…by a uniquely qualified individual, Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky. His mentors are exceptional Talmidei chachamim. His experience is wide and deep…
Rav Nachman Bulman



Greetings to the Honored Rabbi!

Shalo-m! Please accept my thanks for your courtesy and efficiency.
This afternoon, I received the mezuzah cases, and they exceed my expectations in terms of functional attractiveness and quality of manufacture. Your assiduous attention to my trivial order is more than exemplary and would give me great confidence in returning to you, if He so wills and allows, for mezuzah parchments, tefillin, or even, i'yH, a Sefer Torah. I would recommend you to anyone.

Please accept this sincere expression of my gratitude and best wishes!


…I very much appreciate your candor, skillfulness, quick response time, and general menschlichkeit…Many thanks, and much respect for your professionalism, energy, and honesty in all things.

Rabbi M.B.F.

"Thank you again for your services. It was a pleasure working with you."
Rabbi Aryeh Weil
Ohr Yerushalayim
Moshav Beit Meir

Thank you very much for the tefillin, they're great! Theyr'e an excellent gift from my family.
Shana Tovah,
Ted Dean

The tefillin are beautiful, you really out did yourself, they are more than worth the wait.